Deep Creek Lake: the lost language of leaves

Listen: how quiet’s Deep Creek!
The leaves do only dare to speak!
I swear that even Death’s asleep!
The stars felt in the lake: a heap
of lights on Deep Creek icy cheek.
The fear travelled at a creep.
From memory I could not sweep
this moment that I’d like to keep,
when all the leaves do dare to speak.

Not many desires, but one:
open my eyes and see you come
and shoot you with a quaker gun.
My soul is ready then to leaven.
I’d swear that I arrived in heaven
on Lake Shore Drive, 2007.

The dead body of fear pecked by a raven.

1 comentariu
  1. deepcreek a spus:

    I did loved the icy silent.And yes, I’ve heard the leaves’
    „dare speaking”.

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